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  1. I was lurking on Corvette Forum PR&C
  2. Is Glen Beck for real?
  3. Thoughts on Immigration?
  4. What the?
  5. Who did you vote for?
  6. Liberal or Conservative?
  7. PR&C General Guidelines
  8. About Time
  9. new law ignores Birther's BS
  10. Holder has a problem saying anything negative about Radical Islam...
  11. WalMart Haters
  12. You guys see the 60 minutes piece on the BP disaster?
  13. GM returns to profit
  14. Texas School Board rewriting history?
  15. Texas vs California
  16. that damn Al Gore
  17. New Rule
  18. George W. Bush - Oilman.
  19. Repetition..?
  20. NYC community board OKs ground zero mosque plans
  21. 1st Lady (!) slip of the tongue : Say What!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Pubs new web site not exactly what they hoped
  23. Summer of oil looms for beleaguered Gulf Coast
  24. Offshore Corporate Tax Havens: Why Are They Still Allowed?
  25. Saw a bunch of tar balls in the canal today
  26. Governor GoodHair says "spill was an act of God"
  27. Bush's greatest dissapointment
  28. another "classy" Pub
  29. MSNBC Trashes Obama's Address: Compared To Carter, "I Don't Sense Executive Command"
  30. Corporate Murder
  31. Americans are too dumb to understand Obama's speech.
  32. MSNBC AZ Poll On Immigration
  33. Cheney.....quite as a mouse
  34. Fox News
  35. That was then...this is then
  36. Newbie here; Greetings follow Corvette Lovers and Political Connoisseurs.
  37. Australians like bewbs
  38. Today marks 60 years and...
  39. Should christians respect obama?
  40. Obama Under Water One Straight Year Today
  41. Bill Clinton's Oil Spill Solution: 'Blow Up the Well'
  42. Obama visits WI tomorrow
  43. My wife says..
  44. What’s the Connection with Guns and Politics in today’s World?
  45. HR 4645 poised for a win?
  46. Obama Underwrites Offshore Drilling
  47. Cost Per Stimulus Job or Job Saved
  48. Obama gets it
  49. Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!
  50. A 4th of July reminder..
  51. I hate the Government!
  52. Spy Swap?
  53. Why liberals should love the second amendment
  54. Wow!!
  55. America Rising
  56. What comes after ObamaCare repeal?
  57. Harry Reid: There are no illegals working in Nevada’s construction industry
  58. CBS Poll - Only 40% Have Confidence in Obama
  59. Near majorities oppose ObamaCare and DOJ suit against Arizona
  60. I Am America
  61. 70% See More Jobless
  62. Are there any Birthers in Barn?
  63. Financial Reform Passes
  64. National Risk Pool Health Insurance Rates Posted Online
  65. Obama: Hold me accountable for unemployment
  66. The Paradoxical Commandments
  67. Glenn Beck going blind?
  68. Why are we afraid to tax the Super Rich?
  69. Man is this Hilarious and Pathetic at the same time.
  70. If anyone is curious as to WHY there are Race Relations Problems …
  71. Levi & Bristol: is there "one in the hopper?"
  72. Grayson & how the cow ate the cabbage
  73. Az Gov. Ann Brewer BUSTED !!!!!
  74. GOP candidate calls Tea Partiers "dumb asses"
  75. Top 5 social security myths
  76. if you are black,gay or union they hate you [email I got]
  77. The Last Full Combat Brigade is out of Iraq
  78. are you a "cheap labor Conservative?"
  79. the Parent Company Trap
  80. Beck/MLK comparisons by age
  81. Check Out The Blaze New News Website
  82. Sarah Palin the Sound and the Fury
  83. Arizona Congressman Linked to ‘Republicans Hate Latinos’ Speech
  84. Wrong Way for Labor Day: Unemployment Rate Jumps to 9.6
  85. Bill Maher
  86. Warren: Tricks & Traps are over
  87. Rally to Restore Sanity
  88. I still like Obama
  89. Christine O'Donnell
  90. Poll Keep Tax Cuts Or Let Them Expire
  91. Tribute to our President Oboma
  92. Tea & Crackers
  93. the Governator kicks ass!
  94. The Pope Finally Get's Something Right
  95. the 10 Republican lies about the Bush Tax Cuts
  96. Many Tea Partiers part of religious right:
  97. Trump and Palin ticket would be Must See TV!
  98. I'm you
  99. TARP costs overestimated
  100. Corporations Hoarding the Money
  101. Donald Duck meets Glen Beck
  102. Cheney is interviewed by his wife
  103. Too Stoopid to know they are Stupid
  104. Wall Street to pay out Billions
  105. Lean Forward - MSNBC in two-year brand campaign
  106. JPMorgan Chase Profit Rises as Loan Provisions Fall
  107. Open letter to the GOP
  108. Palin ~ 'Moron Mongering'
  109. Fox News goes dark
  110. The Right-Wing Election Platform/Narrative
  111. Obama ~ 'Angel of Death'
  112. Fair Game
  113. The Tea Party was always Obvious
  114. Bush's biggest regret-not privatizing S.S.
  115. the Tax Cut That Fell in the Woods & Nobody Heard It.
  116. an Open Letter to Conservatives
  117. Two more Wakeups; The GOP and its base gets their America Back
  118. Obama
  119. Florida republicans are idiots.
  120. Der Fuhrer's response to last night
  121. How you KNOW Obama is a "Great" President
  122. Obaman On Sixty Minutes Nov 7, 2010
  123. Veterans Day 2010
  124. Oppps, Looks like one of the McCain’s has Balls
  125. Obama says he's not caving on tax cuts
  126. Ooops; More Bad News for The GOP – GM Making Money
  127. 75% of Americans Oppose Don't Ask, Don't Tell
  128. Tee Hee
  129. Bailout Timeline: Another Day, Another Bailout
  130. The Sky is falling; The Sky is falling …
  131. Now comes The GOP Plan: How do you pay for tax cut extensions?
  132. Americans 'overwhelmingly' endorse full-body scanners
  133. Texas=the second hungriest state
  134. Bush & Dick
  135. The Future of The Republican Party
  136. Tsa
  137. Government Motors Sales in China; How Yea Like Me Now?
  138. Finally: The Republican Adults are Waking Up
  139. Millionaires Speak Out Against Bush Tax-Cuts
  140. Don’t Bet Against the American People
  141. And Now ... The Truth, Good or Bad
  142. Tom DeLay convicted
  143. Wiki Leaks Again
  144. (R-Az) Kyl ~ $200,000,000 Earmark
  145. Leslie Nielsen dies
  146. McKook compares Palin to Reagan
  147. He's done with Beck
  148. Lame Duck Session Rigged
  149. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
  150. Millions may lose jobless benefits as holidays loom
  151. 706 days to the 2012 U.S. Presidential election
  152. GOP to Block all Bills until Tax Cuts are addressed
  153. Pawlenty done as 2012 GOP Presidential candidate ?
  154. What Real Americans think of Americans
  155. New Dem Star ~ (D-Ca) AG Kamala Harris
  156. Bid to have Dinner with Clinton
  157. Rangel Censured
  158. Hope & Change Now At 9.8%
  159. Obama in Afghanistan
  160. Deficit panel rejects sweeping reform plan
  161. Hillary Clinton drops her dream of becoming the first woman president
  162. Moyers gets it
  163. Is Bristol Palin Fat ?
  164. ANWR turns 50
  165. GOP ~ Stop Palin Now !
  166. The Obama Tax Compromise
  167. Palinisms LOL
  168. Corporations are overtaxed? try another one
  169. Small-Biz Killers: Who Pays for Jobless Benefits?
  170. The 10 Biggest Conservative Stand-Outs of 2010
  171. Conservatives fear and hate change viscerally;
  172. Hacker Threatens More Attacks on Those Seen as WikiLeaks Foes
  173. Lockerbie bomber in Coma
  174. Jim Morrison to receive Pardon
  175. Fox News: Avoid 'public option' in health care debate
  176. House Democrats reject tax plan unless changed
  177. Phelps Church to picket Elizabeth Edwards funeral
  178. Country First: Republicans Block U.S. Health Aid for 9/11 Workers
  179. GOP to Seniors- No Soup For You!
  180. Weiner - What a friggin Dink !
  181. Today they say Assange vindicates Bushs' WMD's
  182. What Global Warming??????
  183. Madoff son found Dead
  184. Do You Believe In Magic Numbers?
  185. Lake Michigan boils away!!!
  186. Fareed hands Beck his Arse -LOL-
  187. NASA’s Eyes on the Earth
  188. How come those Lazy SOBs aren’t working?
  189. Cry Me a River … Boehner
  190. Judge in Va. strikes down federal health care law
  191. (R-Ala.) Bachus ~ *We're here to serve the Banks*
  192. Richard Holbrooke dies
  193. Steele to run for re-election ?
  194. Chernobyl to be a Tourist Attraction ?
  195. What does Bush tax cuts have to do with Global Warming???
  196. Today is the Shoe-Dodging Bush Anniversary
  197. Rahm on the hotseat today
  198. Satellites Image the Urban Heat Islands in the Northeast
  199. What frog science can teach us about global warming
  200. GISS Temperatures Out Of Line With The Rest Of The World
  201. Climate Change and Biodiversity
  202. Are Bed Bugs the result of Global Warming ?
  203. Facebook Zuckerberg; Person of the Year
  204. Fewer estates paid estate tax this decade than at any time since 1934.
  205. Gay presence on the battlefield would pose "a distraction."
  206. Michigan buried by global warming
  207. Bering Sea Was Ice-Free and Full of Life During Last Warm Period
  208. U.S. Govt. sues BP
  209. Vitter slams Interior Department for sending staff to Papua New Guinea
  210. Worst storm this century traps 300 motorists in Ontario as Canadian town of Sarnia tu
  211. Dead fish turn up in Cocoa
  212. No more porcelain throne for you!!!
  213. It's just weather, OR ELSE...........
  214. Reid Pulls Controversial $1.2 Trillion Spending Bill in Favor of Short-Term Budget Fi
  215. Fox News Poll: Majority Approves Tax Cut Agreement
  216. Fox News Poll: Most Voters Say Repeal or Change Health Care Law
  217. Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid
  218. President Palin vetos new START
  219. No longer an Obama supporter
  220. Biggest Political Lies of the Year
  221. Tinkerbell gives good Internet
  222. New York Senators Say Support Is There For 9/11 Health Care Bill
  223. Conflicting GOP Messages on Pay Cuts
  224. Obama Delays Hawaii Vacation to Work Phones on START Deal
  225. Report: Violent crime drops 6.2% in first half of 2010
  226. Paper: Arctic Temperatures 2-3C higher only 1000 years ago
  227. Warm Bias: How The Met Office Misled The British Public
  228. Associated Press gone wild: 2010 disaster article is unadulterated trash
  229. Renewables forcing consumer energy price rise in Oregon
  230. Millions facing fuel rationing over Christmas as heating oil runs low
  231. Puffington Host : Global Warming Causes Diabetes And Murder
  232. Let’s Give Thanks for CO2
  233. The South Carolina *Secession Ball*
  234. An addition to the Bush Presidential Library & Museum ?
  235. Where's the Tea Party outrage on the Obama Bush Tax Cuts ?
  236. What's happened to John McCain ?
  237. (R-Ms.) Gov. Haley Barbour ~ *The Lighter Side of Racial Segregation*
  238. (R-SC.) Lindsey Graham too tired to vote ...
  239. [Matt Taibbi] ~ *Griftopia*
  240. Hype Versus Reality on Indian Climate Change
  241. Only bourgeois science compares facts with predictions
  242. Bitter summer freeze bites eastern states as summer gives way to snow and cold
  243. Australia’s white summer, Monbiot’s red fury
  244. Sea Ice News #32 – Southern Comfort
  245. Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow
  246. Why Antarctic Sea Ice Is Growing in a Warmer World
  247. Today is the First Day of Winter
  248. Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) says Farewell
  249. Harry Potter Actress Beaten, Called a Prostitute by Family for Seeing Non-Muslim
  250. Conservative liberalism