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Iron Chef
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Default Collect Call Scam - Good Grief

The last few days, I've been receiving calls (mostly in the evening) from an unknown (long) number starting with 525. After a little digging, it seems there's a scam going on (surprise ) from Mexico (surprise ) regarding long distance collect calls. Apparently they call you, somehow have your information and keep you on the line by saying that there's a family member in trouble in Mexico and will you accept a collect call. If you accept it, ginormous charges appear on your phone bill.

I don't answer calls that are either out of state or numbers I don't recognize. My thinking is that if it's a legit call, a message will be left. If there's no message, the number is blocked (I avoid a lot of telemarketing calls this way).

I set my phone to automatically reject any calls starting with 525.

Anyone heard of this one? Just a heads-up to watch your incoming calls.
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I get crap calls all the time, can't think of who/why/where they got my # from, but when I pick up, I always say Gene Slater Speaking.....and immediately know it crap when some idiot asks for Gene Slater....
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Yes it sounds a lot like a prison scam that was going on. Somehow or another when you accept charges they can somehow keep the line open and continue making calls on your dime.
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Here is one that my wife and I have gotten on our LAN line:

Claiming to be from the IRS:

"Hi this is Melvin Bacher calling you from tax audit department. All Internal Revenue Services. The nature behind this voicemail is to make you aware about a situation. We have received a legal petition notice against your name concerning the illegal Tax relations(?) at tax form. So we are about to take this matter to Reschedule Plank Road, House and we're(?) about to issue a warrant for your arrest but before we go ahead and do anything like that. If you need any further details related to this case. You can call us back. One of a call back number that is 888-393-2421. I repeat 888-393-2421"

Or something along those lines. It's quite obvious that the call is from India or Pakistan. Bummer I can't send a bolt of lighting back their way via the phone line.

Yesterday, we get the exact same message with the name changed to Charlie Ranger LOL.

I guess it's a free for all for everyone to call now that the do not call registry is a fcuking joke. I've also had a few on my cell phone, but I have an app that I bought that allows me to block them.
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