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Cool Nissan GT-R Outruns Po-po

Nissan GT-R Turns a Street Race Into a Cop Chase [video]

By Zach Doell
6 hours ago

The local police can handle about 99 percent of average cop chases, no sweat. But when in hot pursuit of a tuned Nissan GT-R, the local authorities are going to need a motorpool as extravagant as Dubai’s in order to keep up. Just ask the Oakland Police.

The owner of this tuned and tweaked Nissan GT-R threw down in a street race against a fourth-generation Chevrolet Camaro SS running nitrous-injection, just outside of the Port of Oakland. The Camaro driver got a lightning start, but it looks like he missed third gear. Take a peak at the video to see who wins.

Apparently all that revving caught the ears of the Oakland Five-O, because they showed up in hot pursuit…albeit in a Ford Explorer SUV and a Crown Vic Police Interceptor. Unsurprisingly, the police weren’t quick enough to keep up with the GT-R’s twin-turbo V6. The Nissan driver made off like a bandit for the freeway. The cops gave up shortly afterwards. We have no idea what happened to the Camaro Driver; presumably he’s still stuck in second gear at the docks. (Second video, NSFW language)

And if you’re wondering why the GT-R driver chose to run instead of pay a fine…it’s a bit more severe than just that. Drivers convicted of street racing can face up to three months in jail, fines of up to $1000 for the first offense, a revoked driver’s license, and risk losing their ride to the impound lot. That’s not a very fitting retirement for such an astonishing car.
Video at link.

Oh, wait.....are "kill" stories banned here? Oh, yeah, they're not. Winning!
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dam he just sling shot himself off onto that ramp.

The cops never had a chance.
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I don't think he was using the launch control
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Originally Posted by bill_daniels View Post
Video at link.

Or right here...

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I don't condone this maneuver against leos, but damn that car was smoking those cops. They never had a chance...only Motorola...
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