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Old 08-15-2019, 6:47pm   #1
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Default Boring cars these daze......

reply in a FB thread said this, and I have to agree, it was in response to an aerial photo of a lot full of center.....and this one lone vette in the middle of them.....and the comment about the rest of the cars being so BORING.....all of them look alike anymore....

Seems that there is just so far with similar engines, size/weights and everyone wanting 4 doors/family car, just nowhere to go with GOOD styling these daze, it's all burnt out, can't even make out what brand they are anymore.....not without reading the badges....

seems like everbody and their dawgs are making/designing cars these daze.....

I look at the manufacturers list on Rock site and JEEBUS gotta be like 500 names on it.....scroll forever to find Ford even.....

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Things will be looking up soon Gene. The big 3 will cease almost all passenger car production starting in 2020 so the only cars around will be imports. There will be a shitload more pickups and SUVs around... at least until the next "oil EMERGENCY" manufactured by big oil and the mainstream press; then the big 3 will just be stuck sitting on like 8 years of unsaleable junk while America buys small efficient imports again and we'll get more shitboxes like the K car and Vega in answer to their short sightedness.
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The art of being able to work on and modify our own cars is totally dying out. I know there are kids that put wide tires and coil-over shocks and fart can mufflers on their cars but how many of them know how to pull and engine, much less rebuild one? Some may but I would say the % that have the knowledge compared the % that had that knowledge 30 years ago is down considerably. But on the other hand, when you can spend $15000 on a used twin turbo BMW that will out run and out handle most cars out there, what is the incentive to learn how to modify it?
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