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Originally Posted by Thomas View Post
Speaking of there, what happened to that owebo poster? He was one caustic motherfuker.
His PM function is up and Iíve been told he is not perma, maybe took his ball home after the PRC to PR change? In jail? Custodial care person took keyboard away?

He was an interesting nut for sure, I called him out for virtue signaling in an abortion thread, he called me a baby killer, and we went on like this for days.

Here was the full virtue test LOL

Originally Posted by FourPennyDoug
...Well in fairness I don't really know you and you know what they say about assumptions, so if you'll indulge me I have set up a simple test. I put some time into this litmus test, so to speak, because as you reminded us, abortion is evil. It's murder.

In your words, abortion is comparable to the evils of the holocaust and slavery. And as this thread has pointed out, millions of humans are dying every single year.

Please list all the below that are applicable to your life. If I've missed pertinent items, please add to the list.

(1) I've joined Pro-life (PL) advocacy/501c3 groups like Focus on the Family,, to name a few,

(2) I've donated to PL advocacy/501c3 groups,

(3) I've volunteered with PL advocacy/501c3 groups,

(4) I've joined, donated, and/or volunteered with churches and/or religious organizations on the behalf of the PL cause,

(5) I've attended public marches and/or rallies supporting PL,

(6) I've organized and/or participated in letter writing or email campaigns supporting PL causes,

(7) I've been involved with organizations and/or causes who support birth control education,

(8) I've worked in the inner city, where abortion rates are higher,

(9) I've activity written my law makers, both local and nationally, to petition for laws that support the PL cause,

(10) I post on social media, via sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and/or forums with political/religious leanings.

For fun, naturally this test is open to any who would like to participate.

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