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Old 12-22-2009, 12:00am   #21
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Originally Posted by edcmat-l1 View Post
The bigger motors don't work as well with FI. Less room for head gasket material between cyl, and the strokes too long.

Smaller motors.......

BTW, can't beat the low end of the PDs. Roger's makes 700 ft pounds at about 2500 rpm. Which equates to abso-freegin-useless on the street LOL. But it sho is funn!!
I will have to sit down with you when I am ready for the engine upgrade. I need to beef up the drivetrain first.
08 C6 Z51 Coupe with TVS2300, a little more than stock HP/TQ.
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My ultimate setup would be;

stock bore LS2 block, stock crank, Compstar rods, Wiseco pistons, LS9 or Katech oil squirters, DM Perf. block girdle, ECS blower cam, ARP studs/hardware, shoot for 9.5-10:1 CR

A&A T-Trim kit, Patriot LQ9 Heads, LS6 manifold and stock TB, Tex clutch

Blower Mods
Cartek Flip Drive, 8 rib Innovators West balancer + A&A 8 rib spacers, new style A&A IC and pax. side hose routing.

Short radiator for blower inlet clearance, RSI dual intank pump setup and cooresponding fuel system, 1-7/8" headers, Meziere pump

I had always thought I'd deal with Champion Motors up in Canada or ECS for the bottom end. However the more I read and see of Va. Speed the more I like.
99 FRC - A&A T-Trim @ 10PSI
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Old 12-26-2012, 07:22am   #23
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I think i would go SC this time instead of the TT setup I have!! They are a lot simpler and less headache Oh and cheaper also!!
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Old 05-04-2013, 05:43am   #24
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the ultimate FI setup has to account for the limitation of the drive train.

since 600 ft-lbs is enough to brake it, if you can get it to the ground, that's where I would stop.

More power sooner is the goal, so that's what a supercharger (TVS) does.
More power sooner is the goal, so that's what a bigger motor (LS7) does.
More power sooner is the goal, so that's what Tires (Mickey T's) do.

You have to remember, what goes fast needs to stop fast and as far as I'm concerned the C5 brakes are inadequate from the factory.
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  • Forged 5.3 Motor with the best of the best parts.
  • Lopey Camshaft.
  • STS Rear Mount Setup with Oil-less turbos swapped in.
  • Wastegates as loud as possible.
  • MP112 Magnacharger with rear cogs & whine as loud as possible.
  • No cats, no mufflers.

Imagine the terrifying sound of that bad-boy approaching. Turbos whistling, waste-gates fluttering, engine loping, maggie whining, exhaust roaring.

Dumb-as-hell setup for achieving any particular power goal or 1/4 mile ET goal, yeah, but unique, head-turning, and stupid fun.

Stock hood with cut-out for maggie, black convertible, realistic flame paint job hood ---> sides, chrome wheels, lots of laughs.
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