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Default FS: 1971 El Camino Parted out

******As of 3/11/13, here are the 1971 El Camino parts I have for sale.******
The price to the right is my selling price + actual shipping cost.
Unless otherwise stated, all parts are used OEM.
The (+ ) means the part is Green.
The (^) means the part is Black.
The (*) means the part has been sand blasted and primed.
If you have any questions, post here or PM me.
I have a simple policy. If you do not like what you buy, once I receive it back in the same condition I sent it, you get your money back.
You can check out my Website as well....I have been around a while


Tailgate body (fair condition) 50.00
*Door Hinges LH/RH Upper & Lower (2 each) 15.00 ea (needs bushings)
*LH/RH Tailgate Cable/Spring/Bolt Assemblies 20.00 ea
*LH/RH Hood Hinges 25.00 ea
*LH/RH Hood Hinge Springs 5.00 ea
*Lower Hood Catch ( Bracket only) 25.00
*LH/RH Fender Support Bars 5.00 ea
*Rear License Plate Mount Bracket 7.00
Rear License Plate Mount Bracket with extra brackets for a trailer hitch 15.00
*LH Tailgate Hinges 30.00 (needs $18 pin kit)
Rear Tailgate Access cover. (FABRICATED SHEETMETAL) 15.00
*Gas Tank Filler Neck Door 40.00
*Lower Hood Latch Center Bracket 25.00
DS Door Frame & Skin 60.00, rust in the usual places.
PS Door Frame 40.00.rust in the usual places.
*LH/RH Rear Bumper Outer & Center Brackets (2 ea.) 40.00 ea.
Under Hood Adjuster Studs w/ adj. nuts. LH/RH 2.00 ea.
*LH/RH Radiator Support to grill support brackets (vertical) 10.00 ea.
*LH/RH Radiator Support to lower fender brackets (horizontal) 10.00 ea.
*LH Tail Light Mounting Brackets 5.00
* LH/RH gas tank straps $7.00 ea.
LH/RH steel frame motor mounts. P/N 3980700/707. $25.00 ea.
Small cable mounting clamp, “12” stamped on it. $1.00
Rear lower A-Arm crossmember reinforcement brackets. LH/RH 25.00 ea.


LH/RH Rear Tail Light Lens 13.00 ea
LH/RH Headlight Mounting Buckets Assemblies 10.00 ea
LH/RH Tailgate Reverse Light Assemblies (3 ea.) 15.00 ea P/N 5960886
Passenger Side Door Glass 75.00
Driver Side Vent Glass and Window Track Assy. 50.00
Driver Side/Passenger Side Front Glass Frame 40.00 ea
Outside Door Mirror (needs rechroming) (2) Driver Side 10.00 ea
DS Outside Door Mirror Round head pn # 3874242-4 20.00
Outside Door Mirror Gasket 1.00
Rear Bumper LH/RH Red Reflectors w/Housing & Lens (3 ea.) 10.00 ea
Rear License Plate Lamp & Brk’t assy. (Wire end cut off) 5.00


Complete front windshield 3 pc. mldg. 45.00
Roof Pillar Molding Complete LH/RH 35.00 ea
LH7734398/RH 7734397 Bed Molding, 1/4 Panel Corner V Molding to Rear Tailight 5.00 ea
Rear Std. Hood Molding (2) 10.00
DS Bed top Trim Stainless Molding Fair shape 15.00
LH/RH Fender Windshield Stainless Trim Weather-strip 2.00
ea LH/RH outside Door Handle Assemblies 10.00 ea
RH Windshield Wiper Arm (2 ea.) 15.00
LH/RH Headlight Stainless Retainer 5.00 ea
Tailgate handle. Shiny p/n # 4411638 25.00
16 pcs. Bed/Tailgate Molding Clips 15.00
32 pcs. Side Molding Clips and Screws (25 plastic,7 metal w/springs) 9.00
LH/RH Fender Side Molding (4 pcs.) 15.00
LH/RH 1/4 Panel Side Molding 10.00ea.
LH/RH Door Side Molding 15.00 ea
Front Bumper (needs rechroming--good condition) 50.00
Rear Bumper (needs rechroming--fair condition) (2 pcs.) 35.00
Lower Windshield Wide Stainless Molding (2pcs.) 20.00ea
72' Head light Bezel(factory blacked out centers) LH #6261957 RH#6261958 $25 ea.

^Entire Non-ss Dash assemble with wiring harness radio hole cut $400
+ Front Interior Windshield Headliner Molding Trim 10.00
Ashtray Assembly 20.00
Headlight Switch Assembly 20.00
Windshield Wiper Switch 30.00
Rearview Mirror Assembly (Inside) (2pcs.) 30.00ea
^ Sunvisors w/ Hinges LH/RH (need recover) 25.00 ea
^ Sunvisors w/ Hinges LH/RH 35.00 ea
LH/RH Stainless Side Shoulder Strap Clips (5pcs. ) 5.00 ea
ea LH/RH Sill Plates (fair condition/good condition) 3.00/10.00 ea
Complete Set Interior Window Trim Attaching Brackets Sides/Back/Front Window
(Screws to Roof Inside) 40.00
Interior LH/RH Sail Panels 10.00 ea
+ LH/RH Interior Plastic panels (Front kick ) 20.00 ea. P/Ns 8727894 and 7722808
Non- SS Instrument cluster Assembly w/o or tach clock 100.00
HVAC Selector Switch Assembly & Wiring Harness 80.00
High Beam Floor Switch 3.00
+ Dash Frame Assy.#6492912 w/glove box assy & head light switch ground 150.00
Firewall HVAC Insulation 15.00
Large Dia. Under Dash Flex Air Duct to RH Dash Air Outlet (1pc) 10.00
Small Dia. Under Dash Flex Air Duct to solid duct (1pc) 5.00
Dash Solid Air Duct Coupling #3973727 for DS 10.00
Passenger Side Interior to Outside Air Vacuum Door/Pot Assy. 20.00
*Gas Pedal Assembly(2pc) 25.00ea GM P/N 3972675
^PS Lap Cooler Vent w/o directional vanes #3967958 10.00
Windshield Defroster Ducts (2pcs) # 3963756 some cracks by mounting holes 20.00 ea.
Driver Side Firewall Kick Plate (1pcs) 20.00 # 3947979
Main Air Distributor Under Dash Box #3992154 (2pcs) 30.00 ea
Under Dash Solid Air Duct to RH Dash Outlet #3963791 20.00
Heater Core & Housing Assembly(2pc) 100.00 ea
Steering Column Assembly 125.00
Driver Side/Passenger Side Inside Door Regulators (Passenger Side Spring
Broken) 20.00 ea
Driver Side/Passenger Side Window Regulator Assembly 50.00 ea
Passenger Side Door Lock Assemblie w/Rod 40.00
Driver Side/Passenger Side Inside Door Lock Handle Linkage Assemblies 25.00 ea
Driver Side/Passenger Side Door Pan Water Shields 5.00 ea
Driver Side/Passenger Side Top Inside Door Panel Top Metal for Window Weather-strip 15.00 ea
(12) Interior Panel Door Clips 5.00
LH/RH Door Lock Knobs (4pc)1.00 ea
Interior Door Panel Emblems LH/RH 2.00 ea
Interior Door Handle Springs and Washer 1LH/2RH 2.00 ea
Inside Window & 1/4 Window Handle Assembly 5.00 ea
Inside Window & 1/4 Window Handle Assembly w/o Knobs 4.00 ea
LH/RH Arm Rest Base (1pair ^, 1pair )15.00 ea
Blower Motor/Housing/AC Evaporator Assembly (small hole in low
pressure line) 150.00
Park Brake Assembly 25.00
*Brake Pedal Bracket Assembly (2pc) 40.00
^Interior Pillar Metal Molding Covers LH/RH 35.00 ea.
Interior Door Handles LH/RH (2 LH) 6.00 ea.
^/+ Dash Pad (1 pc each) 75.00 ea.
Door Jamb Switches LH/RH 2.00 ea
ea Body Floor Pan Drain Plugs (3) 3.00 ea
Rear luggage compartment box. Flange in poor shape. 35.00
LH & RH dash speaker w/o brackets 5.00 ea.
Park brake release handle 2.00
Door lock striker bolt & washers P/N 4469194 4.00


Trans. Modulator Vacuum Line Tube 5.00
Master Cylinder 15.00
Transmission Cable ( 2pc) stamped “CR” 20.00
Vacuum Hose Set Assembly Interior/Engine Comp. 30.00
Passenger Side Outside Cowl Air Vacuum Door/Pot. Assy. 20.00
Tailgate Rubber Splash Pad w/Mounting Clips 10.00
A/C Condenser/Frame/Dryer/Line Assembly 150.00
Upper Radiator Hose 5.00
Windshield Washer Jar 9.00
Radiator (needs petcock & 1 hole soldered) 100.00
A/C Hose Low Pressure 35.00
A/C Hose High Pressure w/Aluminum Comp. Block and muffler GM PN 3984615 $65.00
Steering Coupling Joint (Steering Column to Gear Box) 20.00
Windshield Wiper Motor & Pump Assembly (2pc) 35.00ea
Starter & Solenoid Assembly #1108776 5A271
(Delco-Remy USA) 50.00
Transmission Dipstick & Tube 8.00
*Lower Alternator Bracket(s) Front & Back 20.00
*A/C to Cyl. Head Bracket 30.00
*Fan Blade 10.00
LH/RH 2.00” Dual Exhaust Complete from Exhaust Manifolds to Tailpipes 50.00 ea
350/TH350 Driveshaft 75.00
Driveshaft to transmission yoke 45.00
*Engine Lifting Bracket Set 15.00
*Spark Plug Shields (3 pcs.) 2.00 ea
*Rear Compressor to Exhaust Manifold Bracket 15.00
*Original OEM Style Coil Holder Bracket 15.00
*PS Spark Plug Wire Stand 5.00
*DS Spark Plug Wire Stand 3.00
*Trans-line Mid-engine Mounting Bracket 15.00
Torque Converter 25.00
Front Upper A-Arms LH/RH (2 ea) 40.00 ea.
Rear Upper Control Arms LH/RH(2 ea.) 20.00 ea.
Front Swaybar 1” dia. (2ea.) 40.00
Power Steering Complete 400.00
*Transmission Shift Linkage (Trans. to Steering Column) 30.00
Rear Coil Springs LH/RH (2ea.) 25.00 ea.
Rear End pinion Rebound Bumper w/ bracket (Axle, Center, Top) (2ea.) 15.00
Front Coil Springs LH/RH (2 ea) 25.00 ea
Front Lower A-Arms LH 40.00
Intermediate Steering Column (Coupling to Steering Column Assy) 50.00
Steering Shaft Flange (Steering Shaft to Coupling Joint) 20.00
Tie Rods LH/RH 10.00 ea
Center Linkage 30.00
Idler Arm 30.00
LH/RH Front Drum Brake Assemblies w/Spindles 50.00 ea


Intermediate wiring harness for back up lights $40.00
Engine wiring harness $75.00
Dash wiring harness $200.00
Rear light wiring harness $75.00
gas tank sending unit intermediate tan wire $8.00

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Have you got an updated list?
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The above is updated
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Jeez,must have taken all day to list that.
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Location: Lackey/Yorktown, VA
Posts: 1,748
Thanks: 344
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Gameroom Barn Bucks: $1005648

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