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Originally Posted by RedLS1GTO View Post
Better yet, don't rely on someone else to tell you what you're worth.,,,,
I don't disagree with you which is why my 'Career' stalled out about ten years ago.

I started out as a pipe welder. Made a pretty decent living at it too. I moved up the ladder so to speak by taking a few foreman jobs, then general foreman and finally superintendent positions. The last was at a Nuke plant. Along the way I was approached for my current position which meant leaving the construction trades -pretty much all I've known for my entire adult working life - for my current position. I went so far as to interview for the head of mechanical construction for *all* the coal fire plants here in Minnesota. I was offered the position, and declined. (That is another topic)

A few years ago I was pulled into a fairly high level meeting with all of plant management and a few corporate types including the CNO. (Chief Nuclear Officer) The meeting was actually what's referred to as a 'Challenge Board' which is essentially just a round table for a high risk evolution. We were planning on welding a fitting on a highly contaminated line that was in-service.

One of the meeting attendees was a college educated individual who was ruthlessly climbing the company ladder. He'd step on his mother's head for another rung up the ladder. At one point in the meeting he launched into his opinion on the matter with (I'll paraphrase) 'We want to perform a mock-up of this weld to collaboratively develop an error free path forward and mitigate the risk involved of a system breach whilst performing a full penetration weld utilizing the B31.1 code parameters.' Huh? I'd listened to this shit long enough and shot back; 'So you wanna make sure you don't blow a hole in the pipe when you weld the fitting on right? And BTW; ALL welds made on system piping here are made in accordance with B31.1 Even the 1/2" pipe supplying potable water to the sink out there.'

Holy hell you could hear a pin drop. After the meeting, before I even left the conference room I was heavily coached on proper meeting etiquette by my immediate supervisor. I wasn't an ass about it but this guy was just flexing in front of senior management and I knew it. But that's what they like to hear and that guy is still climbing.

I've been approached several times for open positions and have politely declined. I'd last six months in a position like that and get bounced out on my ass. Some people have a real knack for having the ability to successfully navigate the corporate structure. I never did. I'll fully admit I'm absolutely terrible at it. Perhaps it's my construction background who knows.

",,,,,collaboratively develop an error free path forward"
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What do we do with unskilled labor? That's nothing more than asking the wrong question.

A better question is: Where does skilled labor come from?

Of course the answer is unskilled people that learned a skill.

This has been the case for centuries. If you want to trade your unskilled labor for a minimal wage that will assure you will struggle to survive, go ahead. If you want to move up in the world, LEARN SOMETHING!

Sure, I have sympathy for those who are physically disabled, or have a real mental disability. But if you are even minimally capable, get off your ass and learn a marketable skill. Hell, if you can show ANY kind of financial hardship, trade school is essentially free for you in today's educational environment.

My plumber has 2 Corvettes, a 1964 in mint condition, and a souped up C5, plus a really nice house, and supports numerous family members in comfort. Yeah, he deals with a shit-clogged pipe from time to time, but he smiles on his way to the bank.

The sad part for me is, he is a really good plumber, and is 63 years old. How many 30 year old licensed plumbers do you guys know?
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