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Originally Posted by Jeffyvette View Post
Well I ran the Mojave Mile Shootout yesterday. I had a great time but did not run as fast as I had hoped, I only hit 173mph. My car still needs a bit more fine tuning. I would get off the line and my car would pull hard then when you hit 4k rpm the turbos would hit 13lbs boost and I would have to lift a little to keep some traction. Then hammer it to 6k and shift, this is where I have my issue as I shift to 2nd the car would fall on it's face no power to get past it I would have to short shift to 3rd then things seemed to be fine. I just lost a lot of time and power doing this. Anyway my mechanic and tuner have some ideas and will make it better.
I took some pictures, but don't have a web host so I am posting a link of another guys pictures but he give a good cross section of the cars there. Lots of Vettes and GT-40's. The red 69 Camaro was the fastest at 200.7mph he was packing 1100hp. Also notice an old pick-up truck it is a 36 Hudson with a huge diesel motor in it. It has gone over 200mph on the salt flats. He was having some issues and was only in the 150mph range at this event.

Mojave Mile 2010 pictures from cars photos on webshots


Let me add we had the world record land speed holder for 1300cc all stock VW's it was a 58 with 36rwhp. He set a blistering 71.8mph in the mile which was just short of his record of 73.2mph
I understand your disapointment with the MPH. When I went to the Texas Mile with 700 rwhp I went 180 MPH and was hoping for more. We found that I exceeded the limits of the 6 rib setup in the mile. I had slip in 4 and 5th gears. This has been fixed with a new 8 rib setup and I will see what happens in less than three weeks at the Texas Mile and I now have more HP
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