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Default "Don't bother me right now, I have to get dressed to go have dinner with Jayzee...

Itís becoming apparent that people on the ground, during the Benghazi attack, were begging for military assistance; and being denied. Iíve heard one of the security agents was ďpaintingĒ a target with laser, asking for air cover (and that it cost him his life). Since air strikes in a sovereign country would require Presidential approval, and the evidence seems to indicate that he was, at that time, getting ready for campaign events. And since (admitting) this kind of terrorist attack would call into question his administrationís foreign policy effectiveness, and a military response could be risky (although, it could also have saved American lives and sent a powerful message), it doesnít take much to connect the dots: This President is too busy campaigning, too lazy to lead, too incompetent to make effective policy, and too spineless to make tough decisions (and donít bring up the Bin Laden thing, it appears he waffled on that for over a year).

All of that is heart breaking enough, what adds to the heartbreak is that Obama supporters donít want to acknowledge even the notion that there might be some truth to it. I am convinced his supporters are more averse to not voting for Obama because: it would be admitting they made a mistake the first time they voted for him; they hate to lose; and they hate Republicans more than they love America.

Pretty sad.
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And then he lied about it being caused by some video that touched off protests in Egypt. He did nothing to say that was wrong up front or when Susan Rice made the claim at the Useless Nations. Only after being called out on his lie did he slowly change his position. And then there's the Candy Crowley incident that lead to the fact checkers, in fact, noting that Obidiot did not call it a terrorist attack the next morning in the Rose Garden like he falsely claimed in the second debate. What an utter piece of shit!
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