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Old 06-08-2023, 6:35am   #21
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Both of my daughters had swimming lessons when they were very young. They are both in their 20's now and love the water. No horror stories here, thankfully. I credit the lessons and our supervision for that!
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Did the first couple levels at the Y as a kid. Pollywog and guppy iirc.
Went under some waves on vacay and remember throwing up water after not remembering what happened, maybe I was unconscious idk. Parents don't remember anything about it. Still fine being in the water.
But I hate mud bottom lakes, that shit is icky and creepy.
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Old 06-08-2023, 10:23am   #23
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Originally Posted by Onebadcad View Post
Wife had a rough day yesterday at the hospital, as two near-drownings.
After the ER role, she took them up to her floor, PICU, both will THANKFULLY be good in a few days.

Both could have been avoided, as I believe 2-year old and 3-year old.
I cannot get into specifics, as wife cannot tell such.

The wifey and I made sure all three daughters were very good in the water by 15 months, all were very good swimmers before age 2.

Many young lives can be saved with lessons, and additional lessons.

As an aside, maybe I am getting older, as I cannot recall any swim lessons as a kid, I just remember being able to swim as a young kid, no formal lessons, just picked it up very easily, but I also grew up in England, the dangers of drowning in SE FL today are 100+X more likely.
White kids can't jump, but they can swim.

Growing up my mom had all of five us at the town pool taking lessons. Goal was to be lifeguards but for me moving furniture was more lucrative. My dad would routinely throw us overboard from my grandfather's little boat, while fishing in the Annisquam River, Glocester, Mass.

Baby Doll and I had both kids at the Y as soon as they were out of diapers. Several times I'd shove my kids into our HOA pool without notice, deep end. First time my son got mad and asked me why I did it. "So you will always be prepared."
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I still remember my oldest daughter's swim lessons as though it was yesterday.
She was about 14 months, the wifey found a teacher in BRaton, the teacher had a great reputation which is how we learned of her.

The wifey took her on a Monday afternoon, the lessons would be five consecutive days, I had my doubts this was enough time to make her capable on her own.

The wifey returned after the first lesson, I asked how it went, she advised NO CLUE, as the teacher will not teach with parents present. I asked why, and she said many do not agree with her approach, which is swim or sink. This is how it went for the next four days.

That weekend we went to the subdivison pool, my daughter was amazing, at 14 months she could swim the width of the pool, about 25 feet, with no human assistance and floaty things.

All three of our girls went to the same teacher, all three were excellent swimmers by 15 - 18 months, and we never saw one of their swim lessons.
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That is similar to the grands lessons this week. No parents, sit in car, sit in the front yard, or come back in an hour. Of course we peeked in at the end.
Day 4…….today the grand jumped off the diving board, came up, took a breath, and swam the length of the pool to the steps. The teacher was in the middle and her assistant was at the steps. Four others did the same and one little girl just swam to the teacher but she wasn’t crying today.
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Self taught here

Growing up in NH, the local Golf Course at 4th hole was built around the river. To make it to 5th hole, had to hit over the corner of the river. Back in the late 60's, I could make $20 a day diving for their stupid balls.

Close to couple hundred in todays world.
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