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Originally Posted by Y2Kvert4me View Post
If it's like most (if not all) of the email notifications they send, it's probably lacking an opt-out or unsubscribe option. They do provide an "edit email preferences" link in their mail footer, but because you are banned, you are denied access to your account options, and thus no possibility to make any such changes yourself.

This puts them in violation of the CAN-SPAM act. If you were to contact them to complain about these unnecessary and unwanted emails (above and beyond what you should have to do to opt-out), by law they have 10 days to remove your address so you no longer receive any mail from them. If they fail to do so, file a complaint with the FTC and/or your ISP....Get them fined or their domain blacklisted.

Since some idiots there are currently and repeatedly tagging known banned members, and those mails are obviously being sent....I'd say it's just a matter of time before one of them retaliates exactly like this.

Yeah we also have a mention/tagging feature here. Your observation prompted me to experiment with this on a test account...Mention mail was received when the account was not banned, I then banned it and tried again, no mail....Exactly the way it should be. CF needs to fix their shit.

Thanks, good to know.....

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