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Originally Posted by snide View Post
My youngest is 13 now. I don't remember how much his daycare was, but it wasn't as much what you guys quoted. Then again, it was 12-13 years ago when he started. Yes, it got less over time.

My oldest son went to private school through grade 8, then to high school in a different school district. His primary education cost me well over $120,000.
Cost for daycare can vary depending on where you live (no surprise) but $50 per day per kid seemed to be the going rate when we were looking. Some were more and very few were less. It was painful to write that check every month but, in the long run, a drop in the bucket compared to what either of us leaving the workforce (even temporarily) would cost. That's in addition to tossing all the work and schooling to get to that point.

Private school didn't interest us. Generally, it comes with some religious angle and that is a nonstarter. It's also worth noting that the public schools in this area are very good; vastly better than where I went growing up. When my kids get to high school, they can IB, AP, and Honors to their heart's content. We're fortunate that we have better-than-average schools in a better-than-average district.
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