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Default C4 Coilovers Modification (Front & Rears)

First I'd like to thank Brian Cunningham, he had helped me since day 1 of the LT4 Project.

The Vette is a bit higher than before (the spoiler does not scrapes the driveway ). I set the rebound and compression using Van Steel's settings and went for a drive today. The Vette feel bumpier on the local streets but once I got to drive by the mountains I was hooked:smiliedrool:. WOW, the Vette is more responsive, moves better and it sticks to the curves in a way that I've never experienced on any Vette.

This is an expensive upgrade that requires patience. Patience to relocate the front sway bar, to relocate the upper shock mount and patience to find out again that "NOTHING IS BOLT-ON" . BUT, It is an expensive upgrade that I highly recommend if you like to DRIVE your Vette.

If you would go for it and live in SoCal, send me a PM or e-mail me.

I started last week and all was going smooth but...

Here it goes

Jack up the Vette

Remove Tires

Place jacks on the LCA. This is to allow the removal of the shocks and sway bar.

Loose the sway bar

Remove shocks

Loose the lower ball-joint

I placed a small jack on the lug nut just to hold the hub and the UPC high enough for the monospring to be removed.

Remove/slide the monospring. If you have an OEM you will not be able to do this.

Shocks and monospring ready for the future (a 3rd C4 ).

Ready for Coilovers.

If it wasn't for the sway bar relocation BS. It was going to be that easy but...

A week after I PM few guys, read old threads, called Van Steel and made a final decision today at 1:00 PM.

3/8" holes

This was maybe, the big call. I did not want to make an ugly cut (sorry) and decided to make a hole/circle to insert the nut and locking washers.

That is how it looks inside. I was wrong, there is no plate.

It is easier than it me.

At ride height...

All components were hand tight and will be torqued to specs next day.

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