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I know it has taken me a long time to get a post done, but my fingers have finally loosened up enough to use a keyboard. I thought for a while my hands would be permenantly shaped to hold a wrench.
I, however did learn a couple things: 1) When a vendor tells you thier product is a direct fit, be afraid, be very afraid! 2) Only count on 50% of the "mechanics" that say they will be there.

I would like to thank Jeff and Georganna for haveing us out there and enjoying thier garage. I personally could not have lasted as long as I did without the benefit of A/C.

And it was humorus and at the same time sad to watch Joe's face as we pealed the layers off his Vette to get the headers in. I could read the expressions: How am I going to remember where all this stuff goes if they leave me!:confused5 But we got it and Steve was a GREAT help in getting her done. Randy and I had helped his uncle with is '01 vert header install so we had fortunatelly been there done that.

So once again thanks to everyone that was there, and I totally agree with Jeff (Shrek), lets do something less stressful next time............PLEASE!!!!!
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