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Originally Posted by zz4vetteguy View Post
I don't think that I can thank Jeff (Shrek) enough for letting us play in his man cave. Or thank Team C5 enough for doing what they did, especially Steve and Bart who taught me a whole lot more then I knew when I the Fuel Rail Covers actually come off.

Randy, near the end I was no longer scared of things coming apart (as long as there was no saw, BFH or torch involved...LOL), you have seen how I usually keep under the hood...I was really starting to get horrified on how dirty it was under the FRCs I also think it was cool that you and your old man spent all that time together...when we ran down Sunday to take the junk off Jeff's hands, my father said "Joe kept asking me to go, but I am too old for that s**t"

We did get two very ambitious projects done, but the completed work, who did what, who cooked what, who ate what (Tony, how long did you stare at the hotdog chili trying to figure out if it was for us or something for Callaway? ), was not what made Saturday a successful was the company of great friends.
Joe, you said it all right there!! I know I'm not a vette owner anymore (3 weeks now), and I'm not sure if I'll be here or TN in the future, but if I do end up in TN, I don't think I'll find as great of group or people as yall! As much as I already miss the vette, I think I'll miss y'all and the comradery more!

Originally Posted by YorkL8apex View Post
If that chili was for Callaway I want to be on her diet!!!! Your Chicken bites were awesome!!!

To see that many guys spend 7 to 15 hours working to get stuff done for fellow Ratpackers was something to see. It did sound a bit like the Tuttles at OCC over on Team C5 for a while though

Maybe I should just have Shrek fab me up some headers for the ZR-1

After driving the ZR-1 down to Moyock Tom thought my shift light might not be working so we did a quick diagnostic cruise and confirmed about a 7000rpm light setting in first and second gear a couple of times. I think he is sold on a 6 speed next Vette

Great hanging out with all of you Saturday, Shrek even let me turn a wrench or two in between handing him tools and catching heavy parts as they fell, were knocked, or sawzalled off the C4
Yes, a 6 speed is in my future! Per Jeff (greenman) I have to say 6 speed manual since there is a 6 speed auto now.

Thanks for letting me drive it down. I can now say that I've driven a ZR-1. The 7000 RPM pulls were a blast! I might have left an imprint of my hand on your door pull though
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