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WOW, that was awesome!! I think I finally recovered enough to post something! Those all day wrenching marathons aren't as easy as they used to be. Guess I really am getting old.

First off, let me say it was my pleasure to host such a great bunch of Corvette nuts! Secondly (is that a word) Great job by everyone to get two sets of headers done on the same day. I mean "EVERYONE" Whether you were wrenching, cooking, handing tools, finding parts, or just providing moral support, it was a grand effort with grand results!

Once we figured out that the "C5 expert" was going to be a no show (thanks for the heads up by the way), the standby crew sprung into action and got'r done. I have to admit that it was quite comical to raise up from our C4 patient occasionally and listen to some of the colorful bantering coming from under Joe's ride.

Lee, what can I say, that LT4 header install brought back a flood of racecar memories I had erased from my mind long ago. Memories that I will now hold onto and add these to them. Though we took a tad longer, I think we did twice the amount of work as the C5 crew did. Thanks for letting me use every tool in my arsenal on your baby! I don't recall the instructions mentioning a BFH, a grinder, or a sawzall, do you? By the time we got to the welder, I was TIRED,TIRED, TIRED, and I could see you were right there with me!!! The welds weren't pretty, but they should hold for many, many miles of Corvette driving!

OK, enough of my babbling, here's a few pics we took.

I think these chairs worked as hard as any tool we used!

OK Tony, you don't have to stop the work to ask if you can have another hotdog, there are more than enough for everyone!!

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