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Default July 10th Mod Party Aftermath....

I think our little get together yesterday went really well.

Many MANY thanks goes to our gracious hosts Mr. & Mrs. Shrek, who not only gave us an AWSOME place to play but also jumped in and got their hands dirty with us...and also thanks to Mrs Shrek for taking over and cooking dinner for the troops after Tom abandoned us as we worked late into the night.

I also owe a dept of gratitude and sever thousand beers to "Team C5" (Steve, Bart, Randy, and Kevin), because without them I would prolly STILL be standing there with the hood open wondering where the hell to start.

There was also a "Team C4" working on Lee's car, and plenty of friendly banter between the two teams as one team moved a step ahead of the other team, or one team did something wrong and had to take two steps back.

The morning started with Randy, Lee, and I running all over Carolina trying to find a few last minute parts that everyone THOUGHT would be something simple you could just pick up over the counter at any auto parts store...who knew header bolts were a "specialty item" and would take a week to come in.

Throughout the day there were trial and errors, victories, defeats, frustrations and terrified looks on my face as more and more parts came off the car....but at least there was no saw taken to my C5 like they did to Lee's C4....I think I would have passed out.

At the end of a LONG day Team C5 did manager to pull ahead to victory and complete the job before Team C4

But in there defense, Team C5 stuck it out to the end, and as it got later, more and more of the Team C4 had to head C4 also basically has a Custom Exhaust by Shrek, as he was there fabricating pieces to make it all fit together correctly.

And all throughout the day, there was also consumption of mass quantities of food prepared by Master Chef and Chief Plug Wire breaker Tom, and Mrs. Shrek.

Can't wait till the next one...
Will work, or whore myself out for Corvette mods.

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