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Originally Posted by Anjdog2003 View Post
Top 5 Gay Lesbian LGBT Cars

5. Volkswagen Beetle

The fact that the VW Bug comes with a flower holder/vase thingy right next to the steering wheel says it all. We wonder what the moment looks like and feels like when a strait man buys this car and has to remove that little flower vase. It probably feels like a tampon is entering some type of orifice on their body. Interesting Fact: The odds of you finding a republican driving a bug is about 1 out of 10, as it has always been and always will be dominated by the bleeding heart liberal.

Fiat really does everything in their power to make their small and gay little car attractive to men. They tried to make a manly cool commercial with Charlie Sheen, but what they donít realize is that nobody wants to be like Charlie Sheen. Even though the Fiat is one of the meanest and slickest looking of the tiny gay cars, it still looks very feminine and capsulish. Buyer beware, this car may help with parking and gas mileage, but it contributes nothing to your social life.

3. BMW Mini Cooper

Just imagine ladies, you meet a hot guy and everything is going great. You walk outside to his car and you are about to go back to his place to do the dirty, and he whips out his keys and there you areÖstanding in front of a Mini. If a car says a lot about a guy, then what does a Mini Cooper say? Just having to look at a guy all scrunched up in there is uncomfortable. If a manly vehicle to drive is a truck, then the Mini must be the exact opposite, the girliest. However, there are a couple models of gayness that beat this beauty out by a mile.

2. Smart Car (Smart Passion Cabriolet)

It might be smart for your pocket book and commute to work, but it is not smart for your sex life if you buy the Smart Car. Out of all of the little tiny cars, the Smart Passion Cabriolet has to take the bacon when it comes to the gayest looking one. Maybe itís because itís the smallest, or maybe because of itís stubby little shape, but there is just something about this microscopic vehicle that makes you just want to stare at it and make you wonder what would happen if it were ever in a major collision.

1. Mazda Miata

The Mazda Miata is hands down the gayest car on the road today. There are probably makes and models that look the part a bit more, but for some reason the Miata holds a certain reputation that sets it in a league of its own. For whatever reason this splendid little dabbler has gained steam amongst females everywhere. Legend has it that when guys drive the Miata they become more emotional and have been known to do things that are absolutely illogical and crazy for no reason whatsoever.
Oddly enough they are all little cars. Just guessing your fat ass won't fit in any of them? Or is it just the gay thing you seem to always bring up?
If you choose to live by stereotypes then all Vette owners would be fat, old, wearing a tropical shirt with gold chains and a toupee or combover.

I have owned well over two hundred cars of all types. Pick ups, SUVs, sports cars, musclecars, luxury cars, compacts and land yachts, bone stock and highly modified, beaters and show quality rides. I had a Road Runner that took Best In Class at the 1997 Walter P. Chrysler Southeast Regionals. This is either my fourth or fifth MX5. I have also had six Vettes, fifteen Camaros, six Firebirds, about a dozen Thunderbirds, and everything from Caddies to VW's. I like them all for different reasons. I have currently in the driveway the MX5, 1989 Dodge D100 (122k), 2001 Infiniti I30t (114k), 2010 Murano (180k), and two at the house in Florida, a 2000 Infiniti QX4 and a 2002 Nissan Quest. Over the years I've owned a handful of bikes, too, but gave them up after the second time an idiot pulled out in front of me and almost killed me. Never a boat though.
I will have this one a few weeks and then sell it for a tidy little profit to fund my next adventure.
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