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Originally Posted by C3C7NIC View Post
Extreme groups on both sides> BLN, Antifa, Qanon etc.
Qanon = extremists only in the minds of the demented left and their water carriers in the media. If you know a single thing about Q you'd know that much. Most people only think they know about Q because of what someone has told them, not what they have read for themselves.

When there is right-wing violence, it's the motive that matters and everyone on the right is forced to denounce said violence. When there is left-wing violence, the motive doesn't even get mentioned, the criminals are looked at as being a one-off, not part of any pattern or affiliated with any particular group, and no-one on the left is pressured to denounce the crimes.

That's it. Our institutions have been fully compromised by Marxists, from our universities to our media to Hollywood to public schools to Silicon Valley. This is on the left. What has the right done to be more radical? Stand up to the left? Hardly, they have acquiesced every time. Gay marriage? Unthinkable even 20 years ago, ask any dem politician and they'd say as much. Now you are literally Hitler if you aren't willing to be forced to celebrate their marriage and bake them a damn cake.
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