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Originally Posted by bill_daniels View Post
LOL! If only we had a retired lawyer with a kid who is a current lawyer here to weigh in on this question!

Looks like in New Jersey, the state eats 90% and the poor schmuck who got basically kidnapped has to pay 10%, adjusted for assets and income. Indigents aren't going to be paying anything, of course.

Is this a serious question, or are you just bored and trying to get a rise out of VB this morning, counselor?

What does the law say in your state Larry? Or is there no law or cases of this type of thing happening? You have my curiosity up.

My half-assed not worth a shit guess on how it would go in any state: It would go however the judge says it goes. If the "victim" doesn't like it, they are free to pay a retainer to their lawyer to appeal(not a slam on lawyers, they earn their pay, but rather an observation on how the legal system works).

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