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Default 04 driving me CRAZY

Some days I get in this car and it will throw my head back on take off with TC on and smoke away from a stop with the TC turned off. Next time I get in, it will act like I started out in second gear. DIC shows only two codes and both are HVAC codes. I thought it was heat related, but no. I thought it was gas related, but no. I thought it was a TC issue (not disengaging) but it does not appear to be that either. I can't find any condition that fits a pattern. It does not depend on trans temp as far as I can tell. The ONLY other condition that exists is that at high RPMs it has a whistle that sounds like a turbo when I stomp it. At the shift it goes away until RPMs climb again. I have no idea what that is.

It has NO mods, bone stock 28k miles. automatic trans.

Any ideas?
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