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Originally Posted by lutzdog View Post
i am with you i have only had my vette for a year now and Corvette owners comes in these castes 1. hardcore (my toilet paper has a vette symbol on it.This is where that guy falls in for poser haters)
2. enthusiast (I love the way it handles/power/drives n i like owning one like i like my cheese sandwiches) 3. weird ( likes to paint their cars tangerine orange and drive around in their spider man underwear with a helmet on).

I fit in with the enthusiasts that DRINK!!!!!!
Place me in category #2. I don't know which is stranger, your #3 or me trying to visualize it.

Originally Posted by 2ez 2spd View Post
I don't think you have you have a ordinary coupe at all in fact I think you have a bit more hp than he does if he was stock.
BTW I want to here Automatic story sometime .
It is one of those shiz happens stories, I don't normally like to talk about it unless I have a few in me.

Originally Posted by Y2Kvert4me View Post
What I gathered from this:

Z06 owner was relatively astute in terms of knowing factory offerings and their differences, yet basically naive of the aftermarket support the platform enjoys.

This is where a good money race could have easily taken place, the fast guy in an "ordinary coupe" vs the ballah with the Z06.

The results could change minds quicker than one can even type the words....

I think you nailed it, it looks like a Zo6 from the rear and when he saw the front he must have been disappointed it was just a coupe.
08 C6 Z51 Coupe with TVS2300, a little more than stock HP/TQ.
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