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This really is one of the most annoying things people do in public these days; playing shit on their phones over the speaker instead of using earbouds or headphones.

People do it at the gym, in the cafeteria at work, and most annoyingly by the beach or pool at vacation resorts. Last few years every time we go somewhere people just choose to play their own music either on their phone or those portable blue-tooth devices.

Great for them; it's their music and they like it, and it drowns out whatever the resort is playing.

But for those of us at the other end of the bar or pool we have to listen to overlapping music from the resort speakers plus whatever the ignorant kunts are playing. It's annoying as ****.

Last year we're sitting at a nice beach bar/restaurant, the resort has some nice local music playing, and this couple walks up and plops down at a table near us with their Bluetooth speaker playing dance music. Awesome.

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