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Originally Posted by Loco Vette View Post
And yet when one of them is kidnapped the first thing the parents will do is scream at the police for not doing their job.
I disagree. These parents know the risks of allowing their kids to have a childhood that they had, that I had, and perhaps you had too, and are willing to accept them. Having said that, the lesson the kids have learned here seems to be that "stranger danger" is a lot less likely than "police danger."

This is no different than seat belt laws. I grew up without seat belts, car seats, etc., yet if I was growing up today my parents would have been charged with child abuse. At some point, we need to stand up and say the nanny state is wrong and return to the time when America WAS great, where personal freedom and personal responsibility were the order of the day.

Maybe next time the kids will run from the cops. Hopefully, the police won't shoot children in the back. The kids already found out the police lied to them and are NOT their friends.

Having said that, those officers were just doing their jobs. I just disagree with the law. We do need a metric to determine if parents are neglecting their kids, but catching the kids walking home from a park shouldn't be de facto proof of neglect.
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