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I hope she had no drugs in her system
The results from the urine test are not back yet. It's not going to surprise me if it comes comes back positive.

How did they get pulled over?
There is a lot of road construction in the area they were pulled over. And this is not the town she is from incidentally. They were lost. I imagine suspicious driving was observed, along with four kids in a car at 2:30 am on a Tuesday night. Well past curfew.

Be careful that you don't create hard feelings by trying to make decisions for them.
Thats something my wife and I discussed. We have to be mindful not to discipline them per say. Their parents are trash, but in the end we are not their parents. We can only tell them how disappointed we are in this.

Post this over in CF and I bet within ten posts someone asks for pics of the girl.
Aint that the truth. (Subliminal hint? )

The cops in Jersey used to stop us, search us and take our weed without even thanking us for the hook up.
No doubt. But things have changed drastically since those days.

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