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Getting a DUI these days is a severe violation no matter where you live in this Country. There has been such a public uproar about drunk drivers that Legislators really toughened the laws. Most plea bargaining down to a lesser offense has been eliminated, and if you get 2-3 DUIs it's a felony.

The 16-year-old has her age on her side. Maybe your State has an alternative program she can attend to avoid jail time/loss of her license. She's still looking at a hefty legal bill.

That said, I don't know of a parent who hasn't gone through the same thing, including myself. My kid as a 16-year-old got a DUI. Did she learn something from the experience? Yes--be more proficient at not getting caught. Teenagers actually have a hormone that suppresses fear and enhances their invulnerability. I'm not trying to trivialize drunk driving, but with kids it's to be expected.
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