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AutoZone people are total dipsticks.

Here is how my conversation when tonight...

Him: Year?
Me: 2001
Him: Make?
Me: Chevrolet
Him: Model?
Me: Corvette, NON Z06, with an Automatic Transmission
Him: We don't have any in stock (which I knew), but we have one at the Hub and can have it here first thing in the morning.
Me: OK, order it
Him: Oh wait, they have one at the Oceana store if you want to get it tonight.
Me: Can you call them to make sure
Him: Sure....<gets on the phone>
Him: They have it and they are open till 10
Me: Thanks....<run out the door>

I head off and get to the other store...
Her: Can I help you?
Me: Yes, I am here for an alternator for a corvette, the guy at the beach store just called about it.
Her: Oh yeah, let me get you go.
Me: Thanks, you made me night...ummm, am I supposed to take this part off?
Her: What part?
Me: This pulley clutchy looking thing on the end of the pulley
Her:I don't know, let me look in the computer....hmmmm
Me: What?
Her: Do you have an automatic or a manual
Me: Ummm...automatic, like I told the guy at the other store
Her: Oh, well this is not the right one, this is for a manual
Me: Are you ****ting me?
Her: No, and we don't carry it usually, we have to special order it, can have it by sometime next week.
Me: That's ok, I will order it online so I KNOW I get the right part

dumbazzez...guess a few more days till I am back on the road.
Will work, or whore myself out for Corvette mods.

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