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Default Bad Thermostat or Normal Ops?? Help please...

Okay... So I have a fairly modded C5 (2001 coupe) and among other things, it has the 160* thermostat mod.. Lately, it's been anywhere from 30 to 45 degrees outside and I was averaging about 158 to 160 degrees on the highway at about 70 mph. This seemed very cold to me and I wanted the car to be closer to at least the 180's - 190's with this kind of ambient temperature, mostly because the car seemed to "feel" like it was running cold (quirky a bit) and because I really feel that 160* is too cold to run these engines. Now, I'm not trying to get this to be yet another hashing out thread of what temperature is best, so I'll say that beforehand. My preference is for it to be a bit warmer. I've suspected that my 160* stat may have just been "stuck open" or otherwise faulty since my temps were so low, but since I couldn't find a readily available source for a replacment 160* here in OKC, I bought a stocker t-stat (187*). Now, with the same temps outside, it's cruising on the highway at about 210* and getting to around 225* putting around town. I should also mention, in case it is pertinent, that my engine has also been modded to the later LS2 water pump and therefore uses the seperate t-stat and housing and not my original LS1. My question is, should there have been THAT MUCH of a difference between the 160* and stock or was my 160* likely bad as I suspected? Also, should I try the 160* and see if it's warmer as I'd like it, or should I go in between and get the 170* that is available? Just seems that 158-160 was too cold and it NEVER got any hotter, but where it is now seems high. I did not change the fan points either and I don't know how much that matters (I know that it does, some), but should it matter that much?? Sorry for the long post, but any help is appreciated....
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