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Originally Posted by JRD77VET View Post

My corvette has a pretty cool history behind. My mom got it in trade for painting the interior of brand new house.

Original owner bought it and drag raced it at Cecil County Dragway in MD. Unfortunately, he literally left the original engine ON the race track in about 1979. He bought something else to race and parked it in the field behind his garage.

The builder who built my mom and step dad's home purchased it in '82. He added the custom interior and the Vanacor rear wing. He proceeded to raise hell with the car and got into all kinds of trouble.

About 1984, my mom asked him if he wanted to sell the corvette. He said he liked how my mom painted the inside of their house and he would be willing to trade straight up if she would paint the inside of 3500 sq ft house he was building ( $650K on 5 acres in 1984 money ). Mom painted the entire inside of the house. Most rooms had three different colors/shades of paint and there were a couple very tall ceilings.

She GAVE the corvette to my step dad for his birthday. ( When they transfered the title from the builder to my step dad, the tag lady looked at the seller and said " You better get a different tag or he'll get pulled over just as much as the seller " )

He had corvette as his daily driver ( spring to fall ) until 1998 when he got a supercharged Grand Prix. The GP was faster, got better gas mileage and the AC worked better.

They offered me a deal I couldn't pass up so it became mine. Had 70K on it when I got it and 77K now.

Great story!

I'm the 3rd owner on mine, bought it from my last boss who had had it for 20 yrs, put maybe 10k miles on it the whole time!

Said he'd rather sell it to me for a loss and have it be appreciated. He liked his Acura's better

I'm not complaining! Hopefully back on the road this year.... ? :fingerscrossed:

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