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Originally Posted by Munch View Post
Well... Say you stop on a deserted road, push the start button and the top yellow comes on, the about 5 seconds later the stage light comes on and the countdown begins. Maybe it has a G meter built in so it knows when you take off and after a 1/4 mile it then would display your reaction, 60', 1/4 times and speed. I bet there is something like that out there but whenever I Google it all I find are ones for your PC that you just click a button with your mouse to stage and click again to go and it gives you a reaction time.. what good is that?
I suppose some sort of laser device could be activated by vehicle movement and could determine distance traveled and provide incremental numbers. Actual reaction times (driver and vehicle) could be determined by the in vehicle tree - activated by a movement sensor in relation to the illumination of the bottom yellow (or green) of the in vehicle tree. Even still, I'm just not seeing such a device as being near as accurate as ground mounted sensors - just too many variables.

As for what good is a practice tree, actually they can be very helpful. While a pc / mouse style is certainly not the optimum design, I have one of the Altronics units that I find to be quite helpful. A few minutes spent with it just before eliminations helps me focus. As a top bulb racer, it helps me focus on reacting to that first flash and letting go of the button, but they are also helpful to bottom bulb racers for getting into the countdown rhythm.

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