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Result: You're a Moderate Republican.

You lean right, but not too far. In your eyes, the government shouldn't be as involved in people's lives, but still must play a role. Though you agree with your party on most issues, your opinions on certain topics may differ. Like John McCain and Dwight Eisenhower, you're firm in your beliefs, but understand the world isn't black and white.
I'm fine with being called a moderate, but comparing me to that P.O.S. John McCain? A bridge too far IMO.

But I maintained from the start, Trump is a moderate Republican. The media and the left totally misdiagnosed and misunderstood him because they bought into their own lies that he's some kind of extremist boogeyman. I guess in the land of the retarded politician, the sane man who wants to enforce our laws is Hitler 2.0.
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