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Originally Posted by will View Post


You still have not refuted my point. Defend this. You can SAY I'm wrong all you want. Great. Now, SHOW US. Please explain the value of these posts and why I am incorrect in labeling them as I have.

You do not like me. We get it. You're mad about this thread. We get it.

STOP deflecting. STOP referencing other forums. STOP changing the subject. Make a valid counter-argument.

As for "sucking it up" "and doing my best at debate" I am. All I desire is an equal and opposite response. I would LOVE for people to DEBATE me. That would make for quite an enjoyable PRC section. And I am not alone. There are more than a few people saddened by the fact that PRC is such a trash heap. People WANT debate and discussion.

All PRC needs is a dedicated moderator. You act as if I'm calling for your head. I'm not. Trust me.
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