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Default Sub-Forum Moderator ???

I've noticed we have a few sub-forum moderators. Like a C4 moderator for example.

How about a PRC moderator?
That section is unreadable thanks to a couple of individuals who throw metaphorical feces at the PRC walls all day and thank each other for it. Any attempt at serious discussion or factual debate is quickly met with de-rails, mindless gibberish, or inane Glenn-Beck rantings.

I enjoyed the Wisconsin thread in OT and was glad to see it unlocked, it's nice to have some actual discussion of the facts, figures, etc. There were still some bad posts, but that thread is literally light-years better than any in the actual PRC section.

And while I appreciated it, I'm sure some members would rather that sort of content remain in its own sub-forum. Unfortunately that would have simply prevented the thread from developing, because basically no one wants to wade through the current dung-heap, devoid of any intellectual stimuli, that is PRC.

If that sub-forum were actually any good, I could abandon "The other forum" all together.

Honestly all it needs is a dedicated Shepherd's gentle-hand to keep things on-topic in each thread. We're all adults here and we COULD have a great, stimulating, and even heated discussion/debate section. But apparently it's not possible without a referee of some kind. Posting anything thoughtful or factual in there is an exercise in futility. You get no debate, just off-topic retorts in broken English at best.

My .02
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