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Originally Posted by ApexOversteer View Post
Yeah great, she's signing a legal document, I'm drawing a friggin' unicorn...

I thought I was taking my antibiotics and my blood pressure pill... it was two percocets and a xanax...
The friggin' NYPD found evidence of this very thing when looking through Wiener's laptop. They also found a bunch of Huma/Hillary emails. The NYPD blew the whistle to the FBI, and have threatened to release the evidence unilaterally if necessary. In the other thread, I literally posted a tweet from Wikileaks today that has some of that evidence. But they have enough other stuff to make people talk and word is they are a-talkin'.

Look, when you've lost CNN...

Do you know the first thing about Jeffrey Epstein? The Lolita Express. He went to prison for this shit (only 30 months though) so he gets the kids from somewhere. Magically.
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