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Default "Blazing Saddles" is 46 years old...

Yep, it was released in 1974, and there'll probably never be a movie like it. A little unknown history about the movie:

1. Not only did Cleavon Little (the Sheriff) commit himself to writing part of the script, Richard Prior did a major part of the script writing.

2. Andrew Bergman wrote the basic premise for the movie in 1971, The first draft of the movie title was "Tex X" (after Malcolm X), then "Black Bart" (an old bad guy cowboy). He took his movie to Warner Brothers, who liked the idea and hired Alan Arkin as director and James Earl Jones to play the sheriff. The script eventually made its way to Mel Brooks.

3. The famous "fart scene" where the cowboys are eating beans and start passing gas, was the first time farting had been seen (heard?) in a movie. This scene was removed from the television version of the movie.

4. John Wayne was offered a part in "Blazing Saddles" but turned it down. He told Mel Brooks that he'd probably be the first person to go see the movie.

5. Mel Brooks put out an ad looking for singers who sounded like Frankie Laine to sing the theme song. Laine saw the ad, called Brooks, and said that he'd sing it. When he recorded the song, he had no idea that the movie was a spoof.

6. The movie grossed over $126M with a cost of a little over $2M.

7. In 1975, there was pilot of a TV show based on "Blazing Saddles" and called "Black Bart". It never made it on the air.

You can't see a full version of the movie on YouTube for free, but here's the ending:

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