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Originally Posted by markids77 View Post
GMC Typhoon. Fast and practical.
Oooooooh. I have always liked those. Not sure how a kiddo seat in a 2 door SUV is gonna work out though.

In a similar mindset, I have also considered a Grand National.

Originally Posted by Iron Chef View Post
Honda makes great vehicles, period.

I like the CTS-V Wagon but think about it: Are you really going to use all that HP? When I had the Gallardo, I didn't come close to using over 500HP. I like to think more in terms of usable HP these days. I don't think your plan is to track the car, so I think you might be spending a lot of cash for nothing.

Then again...if you like the car...nothing should stop you from buying it.
I think it's principle with the V-Wagon. Station wagon - not cool. 500+hp station wagon - VERY cool.

On the same note, resale should be pretty good on them, especially a 6 speed given the rarity.

Originally Posted by CertInsaneC5 View Post

Just accept the fact that it's that time of life when the minivan makes sense. Accept it. You have two race cars. Its time to be the soccer mom.
Wait... are you calling me Tom? If so, I refuse to accept this reality. I actually made the wife sign an agreement (that was also notarized) saying that I would never be forced to drive a minivan. Luckily she likes cars almost as much as I do.

The V-Wagon as kind of a middle finger to the minivan reality. Sure... I'll drive a "family car".
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