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Originally Posted by GentleBen View Post
Unfair playing field? What is fair about a company being charged taxes in a country where its product is sold, and then being charged taxes on the gross sales by the U.S. with no off-set for the taxes it has already paid?

This would be similar to your not being able to deduct taxes on your home and personal property paid to the state in which you live from your federal income tax form. Do YOU really want to pay the same tax twice? (I thought not!)

Were any company so stupid as to bring its overseas capital into the U.S. where it would be liable to double taxation at an outrageous percentage, the entire Board of Directors would be fired by the shareholders and charged with criminal malfeasance for not properly protecting the company and its assets from predatory governments.

And that is why U.S. companies are bailing on the U.S. right and left.
You mean like paying sales tax on the same car everytime it's sold?
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