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I've read several debates on RAW vs JPG. JPG is a compressed file, and you do lose some information/data each time you save it. If only posting and viewing on the www. I doubt anyone would notice the difference between RAW and JPG edited file. IF you make a print, you might see a little difference.

Another explanation was to think of a JPG, as a piece of paper. The more times you open and save the file is analogous to wadding up a piece of paper and unfolding it. It gets worse each time you do it. With that in mind, I try my best to only open and save the JPG one time. With a RAW file, you never lose any of the information. Some people have gone back and re-edited RAW files once they got more familiar with their software. They were happier with the results, pulling some detail out of shadows, etc...I think they could have achieved the same results had they known their software better to start with though.
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