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Originally Posted by Nox View Post
What exactly do you do with all those monitors? I know you use multiple monitors as well, and have for a long time, but what exactly is the function of all those monitors? And it must suck as as you get older and need reading glasses as some of those monitors look to be too far away for reading glasses to focus properly on.
As I am old, and need reading glasses, and have 18 monitors....the purpose of this setup is to spread things out. I run a virtual machine on my computer that takes up the 6 monitors front and center. That VM has SQL Server, Postman, Delphi programming language, Excel, Windows folders, and text editors running at all times. Those alone get spread between those six monitors.

Additionally, I have a remote control session to my notebook on 1 monitor, and I have email (3 clients spread across 2 monitors), I have family chat on Kakao on others....I can go on and on, but at the end of the day, the point of doing this is you never have to hunt for the active window. With this setup, you just turn your head. You place everything where you know it is and it's there. Ping from a child? Just look up. Email from a client...just look left.

I NEVER have to hunt. It's ALWAYS there. Multiply those actions times 100 or more and you'll understand why I do what I do. I use all 18 monitors all day, every day. The time savings alone pay for the setup. GWiz subscribes to this lifestyle.
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