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Glad ya got it running.

Local parts stores seldom get my money now, same parts either on Rock or thru Amazon for 50% less or more savings. Purchased a acdelco caliper for 56 off amazon with a 45 dollar rebate(core but shipped back free) so 11 dollars for it. Local place was 85 plus core charge for a cheap ass caliper.
Hub for my caddy locally is 140 if not more, online 75 to 90 for same part.
I just can't justify that much extra to buy it locally in my mind(and I worked at a parts store for few years).
Tires get me too, shop said I had a bad tire... Almost 200 for a cheapo with mount and balance. For under 75 I got a good tire and had balanced(I mount own tires). I don't mind paying good money for good product but try to bend me over without vaseline ain't happening.
Originally Posted by mrvette View Post
Well, over Sunday and Munday, I found out the spark was dead when it felt like finally new coil, power unit, and sending/timing chip in the dizzy.....

and it starts/runs/heats up normally, and made it home too boot,

a little less than 200 for interesting part......

a part from Rock was near 25 bux.......same part at Autozone was 85 bux.....BUT it was USA time to wait for delivery so AZone it was.......but talk of price differences????

I suspect little in the actual cost of manufacturing.....say 5 bux compared to 10 bux.....BUT the taxes and so forth.....much less retail stores, and not just a series of warehouses and computers.....

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