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Originally Posted by Jeff '79 View Post
How smart people can be taken in by "The Big Lie" and still believe it is quite baffling to me.
GTF Over It !!
Trump lost.
What I find amazing ( and quite sad) is the folks who attempt to come off as "smart" who failed to see the blatant irregularities in the tallying of votes.

They shut the computers down ( really , why would they do that? ) and then magically when they come back on, hundreds of thousands of votes all mysteriously appear for Xiden.

HTF did somebody who hid in the basement get more votes than any other person did before? Why your explaining that, I want explanations on the pallets of mail in votes that had no fingerprints or folds. How did PA send out 1.8 million ballots but receive 2.5 million back?

If the election was so fair, why are the dems trying to stop any type of check into the voting process? What are they trying to hide?

Yes, you're right , the fairest election EVER. Good thing the deep state didn't have anything to do with this at all.

Got to hand it to xiden though, the Resident in chief has to have the fastest time from inheriting a booming economy to flushing it down the shitcan in a 100 days. Gas prices skyrocketed, food prices skyrocketing and his programs threw the Middle East into turmoil quickly.

You voted for an idiot. It's basically the third term for obuma. Well done
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