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Originally Posted by datawiz View Post
They used to give out blocks of cheese to needy families in the 70's. Maybe they should do that again. Cheese is a healthy food. Better than giving them cash to buy booze and strippers.
Known colloquially as
Government Cheese Government Cheese

They distributed it to the senior citizen apartments my grandma lived at. It was an unbelievably big-ass fuckin' hunk of cheese. There was no way an old lady would consume that much cheese in 3 years, so she would cut off a small chunk and give the rest to us. I flat out refused to eat it. Not because of principle since a 16-year-old horndog has no principles. I just figured since it came from the government and was free that there was something wrong with it such as being contaminated either by radiation or a federal employee wiping his/her ass on it. Homey here wasn't diggin' it.

So one day I am eating a grilled cheese sandwich my mom had made for me and it was the best grilled cheese sandwich I ever ate. I asked what was different about it. Bigger than shit, mom had snuck that Government Cheese on it. I was an instant convert. I wasn't even mad as mom smirked. I just wanted another one of those Government Cheese grilled sammys.

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