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Originally Posted by 04 commemorative View Post
I used to enjoy doing the oil changes on my Blazers....didn't need to even jack them up as I could fit right underneath
The Vette......not so much never did one on it.
Well, I'll take this topic off-topic.

I still do all of my oil changes/tire rotations while I still can.
The '85 corvette gets it done every-other year, so this year
it's due. I only drive 100 to 300 miles a year, not used very much.
The Escape, Harley, and SOs Chrysler T&C are rather easy to do.

The Corvette.
4 years ago, the filter was on so tight, that I wrenched the
oil cooler adapter right off the block with the filter still attached.
What a freaking mess. the majority of the coolant ran out all over
the garage floor.

Now, C4s are not easy to raise up and support (damn I miss full rail frames).
Maybe a foot up from ground level, I can barely get underneath,
and I am not that large.
At my age, crawling under there is getting to be rather tough.
Once I'm on my back, I need to roll off the creeper onto the floor,
and push myself up. Just can't do the sit-up from the creeper anymore.

So, taking this into consideration, that Chrysler Filter Cartridge
accessible from the engine bay top is nice.
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