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Originally Posted by WKMCD View Post
I just spoke with Steve. He's home and recovering but still very sore. The good news is he's on the mend.

He finally looked at pics of the car. He had been detailing the car at friends and was on his way home about 9:00pm. NO ALCOHOL was involved! He simply fell asleep. The last thing he remembers is getting up to speed between 3rd and 4th gear and then waking up in the hospital.

He finally posted up on CF and will get around to other sites in the next few days. Sleeping alot - which is good - but did get some work done today.

I could tell Steve was touched by all the well wishers on the forums. He was truly surprised.

Take is easy Steve and get back up to full strength soon. A lot of people care about you.

Your friend,

Kevin, I really enjoyed our chat yesterday, I am up early as I have been sleeping pretty solid since 10pm.

Everybody thank you and life is great even in some of the pain and discomfort I am going through. It was until yesterday I saw the one picture and my mechanic says my POS Wolfe Street bar saved my life as they cut my seat bealt and I fell out of an upside down Vette
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