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Originally Posted by themonk View Post
...and then Jim (a cop) sends me and Pewter (a cop), who incidently locked my thread about why people hate cops (I posted a video of a cop in Vancouver pushing a handicapped woman to the ground for no reason what so ever) a PM telling me about no personal insults blah, blah, blah...
Lemme help you: Jim is not a cop. Jesse was a cop and a Chief of Police before he retired due to health reasons (oh, and we're not talking Chief of the LAPD or the NYPD...we're talking Iveneverheardofthispodunktown, Florida). Jim was a newspaper editor for many years, so it's no surprise that he is so adept at distorting and spinning the facts. Robert (pewter99) is not a cop either. He is a crime scene investigator and not a "peace officer." I actually have no gripe about Robert other than he walks the party line too much for my taste.

Feel free to talk about things here. The nice thing about this forum is that you won't get shut down for it.
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