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Originally Posted by jeff w View Post
The 458 still hasn't grown on me, whereas the 360, 430, 575, 599 have all been instant winners with me.
Oh, I like the aforementioned too (ok, the 575 not so much).

But what I see in this 458 is a pretty radical departure from traditional exotic designs, which typically rely on an overabundance of scoops, ducts, vents etc to form the shape and even become the key styling points of the car. Lambo is great at doing this too.

Not so much with this one. All the ducts are still there, just much more hidden and subtle, taking a backseat to the actual body sculpting, not becoming the focal point of the bodywork.
In other words, I see a refreshingly clean and smooth looking car, yet still unmistakeably exotic and sporty.

Ferrari has gradually been headed in this direction ever since the wild bodywork of the 80s Testarossa...every new generation seems to be a bit more subtle than the last, but even the 360/430 still heavily relied on the many scoops to "make" the overall look of the car. (other than the louvered decklid, one might even say the 355 was more subtle in appearance than the 360/430)

I just passed a Silver 612 on the road a couple days ago. A lot of people don't like this car, think it's a bit too plain and boring looking, which by F-car standards, it sure is...But as I stared at it going by, I thought "damn, that's still a mighty fine looking car". Pictures just don't do it enough justice.

I think the first 458 you see on the streets, will wow you just the same.

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