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Originally Posted by Norm View Post
These individual breakfast bills usually aren't over $8, so if you were to leave a 20% tip, that's $1.60.
Originally Posted by Norm View Post


Did you not get the memo? Apparently there a few who haven't. We as a group, did not meet the tip threshold today, which was 16 of us x $5 = $80. We left $68.
So, you are pissed at a couple of members because they didn't leave a 62.5% tip? I don't disagree with your sentiments, but I also can understand why someone thinks a 30% tip is just fine. If I felt as strongly as you do about it I would have just reached in my own pocket for the extra $12 and not said anything. After all if I am rolling a $100,000 Corvette $12 shouldn't be a big deal to me. I would just be glad that I had a good turnout at my event.

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