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Originally Posted by 09CTSV View Post
The transformer steps down the voltage from 15KV or 138KV to allow the rectifier (Diode Banks) to rectify the voltage from AC to 700 VDC for use in the pot lines. Each pot uses maximum of 5 volts, typically around 4.6 volts we just say 5) 150 pots x 4.6 = 700VDC with 132,000 amps flowing thru the open aluminum bus work. All the floors are ungrounded. You can walk up and touch the bus with no effect. Very high magnetism around the lines. We have to have special mobile equipment to drive over the bus in between the pots. Each room has 35 pots south and 40 pots north (75 per room). The power flows up one room and back to the rectifier in the other room. One skid at the rectifier is positive the other negative. Some pretty cool stuff with electricity.
The pots themselves are like a great big battery when you pull the main power off the line. They hold a couple volts apiece.
OK, what you calling a POT, is short for potentiometer.....or volume control in typical MY way of thought.... so just what to those pots feed and how are they adjusted?? sorry to be a PITA, but an ancient tech head just wants/NEEDS to get his brain around something unknown.....
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