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Originally Posted by 09CTSV View Post
Yes for our power plant. Whole bunch of regulations. We have our own power plant plus 4 tie lines feeding into/out of the plant. Vectren has a station next to us, Culley, which could feed one of the pot lines if needed. I've actually had to do the switching over to the Pot Line interchange when our power plant had issues with a Breaker for two of our pot lines. Christmas day last year, 3 hours of downtime on two of the lines. If we touch on 1 hour we are scrambling, two we are very nervous it might not recover. At 3 hours we are pretty sure we will loose at least 75 of the 150 pots. We came out of it not loosing a single pot.

Our rectifier road is pretty impressive with all the main regulating transformers, then the individual skid transformers and phase shift transformers. Line 3 has 1 Main and 10 rectifier transformers, Line 4 and 5 each have 1 main and 6 rectifier transformers. Each rectifier transformer feeds two skids. Each rectifier transformer can provide approximately 14KVA to the skids. The lines are 700VDC at 132,000 each.
Lots of air switches, pringles and Gas switches. For the rest of the plant there is a multitude of substations my Maintenance department is responsible for maintenance on. We keep two power engineers busy on our side plus the one at the power plant.

You can google Alcoa Warrick Operations and see the size of the plant.
Never heard the term before.....rectifier is easy......just a one way valve for current flow, when presented with current/ is the term transformer, changes the voltage/current levels between primary and secondary......but overall power is same on output and input, minus some small losses in the unit gets warm.....

but what is the relationship between those two distinct devices in that combo you mentioned there.......and WHY?? and the way you talked of it, sounds like those rectumflyers are VERY manly in their forward conduction in what how/what are they made of???

I visited a few power plants in the early 80's when doing security work, and got a cooks tour of the joints, but never heard that what you speaking of.....

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